Building upon a career in IT where I can use my creativity, problem solving abilities, and teamwork skills on a daily basis to help others with their tech issues and needs.


A byte about me

Expanding Knowledge

Hungry to Learn

After teaching myself VBA to advance both my work, and the work of others branches at the company I worked for, I continued to look for more ways to expand my knowledge.


I completed an Introduction to SQL course through ed2go and a Google Certified course through Coursera, earning my certification as an IT Support Professional. Which led to my first full fledged IT job.

After getting myself situated at that job I once again started the search for more things to learn. I took courses through ITU Online where I received my CompTIA Security+ certification and continued finding more courses that interested me leading to certifications in both Azure and AWS cloud fundamentals. I'm currently teaching myself how to code in C++.

Creativity & Teamwork

A background in the Arts

I went to college to get a BFA in Acting. While I may no longer be in that field, I've taken many of those skills and applied them to my career.

As a trained actor I am hardwired to be able to work as part of a team, communicate ideas in a clear manner and work as a team to accomplish a greater task.

Using my artistic background and combining it with my knowledge in the IT field I am able to think of solutions outside of the norm as well as formatting data to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to comprehend for both presentation purposes and documents or instructional how-to's for end users.




IT Support Engineer

Nutmeg Technologies

January 2019 - April 2020

Doing work on the helpdesk, I took calls and created tickets. I would troubleshoot technical issues including OS, application software, hardware, phone systems, security cameras and more. I also built computers for clients who had special requirements that a standard out of the box PC wouldn't have met. I would troubleshoot both remotely with tools like SolarWinds, and help end user's onsite when the situation called for it.

Data Analyst

From You Flowers

September 2016 - January 2019

Using my self-taught knowledge in Excel and VBA I have moved from a customer support representative to creating my own department within the company. I create reports and analyze trends between the company's five offices to help improve employee performance and ensure that company resources are being used efficiently. I have written over 60 unique macros for different departments to help automate daily tasks. When I have spare time I help lighten the Help Desk load by taking on smaller tasks and helping employees with different software and hardware issues they're having.

Field Energy Specialist

Solar City

February 2016 - August 2016

I interviewed potential customers and explained the benefits of solar technology. I scheduled follow-up appointments and served as a liaison between potential customer and solar consultant. This job required data entry of customer information and other statistics in applications including MS Excel, Salesforce, and other company specific applications.


Due to my education in theater, I've had four years of training in how to efficiently work as part of an ensemble in order to reach a greater goal; as well as being able to clearly communicate ideas to others. I am well versed in both a leadership position, and following the direction of others, along  with when it's the right time to be one or the other based on the situation. Due to this fact previous employers would specifically choose me to take care of certain situations involving high-profile clients to make sure that things were handled professionally and the client felt well taken care of.


Puzzles and challenges excite me - I enjoy doing Rubik's Cubes in my free time because the solution is always changing. What drew me to the field of IT to begin with is the diversity of the job. No two days are the same, there's always a new puzzle to solve, something different that needs to be fixed, or adjusted, or made; and while experience will help you solve these puzzles as you continue, ultimately it's up to you to be able to think of the appropriate solution.


I did not go to college for Computer Engineering or Computer Science. But my desire to pursue this career, and the investment I have in myself pushed me to find the resources I needed to learn in order to start a career in IT. I use that same philosophy when it comes to problems I don't know the answer to - I'll spend how ever long it takes, trouble shooting, to find the answer. This helps me discover what the root cause of the issue, so I can not just fix the issue but work on making sure the issue doesn't reoccur later on.


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Introduction to SQL

ed2go Certified

Received: December 2017

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Coursera Certified

Received: July 2018

CompTIA Security+ ce certificate.jpg

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Certified

Received: January 2020


Azure Fundamentals

CompTIA Certified

Received: September 2020


AWS Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certified

Received: November 2020

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